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Advantages of Real Walnut Wood Flooring

What are the true advantages of having Real Walnut Flooring?

Solid wood flooring has many advantages, the primary advantage is being the wide array of choices you actually have.

American Walnut or Brazilian?

American Walnut Wood Flooring is and rich colour and can make your home stand out. Walnut as a hardwood flooring option is available in two variants, the American Walnut and the Brazilian Walnut.
American Walnut is known by many synonyms like American Black Walnut, Black Walnut, American Walnut, etc. This variety is primarily harvested in the central United States and the distinctive feature of this walnut variant is the dark, chocolate hardwood and the white sapwood. Along with this, it also has a wide variety of grains.

Brazilian Walnut, on the other hand, is known as Ipe or Lapacho, and is found in the areas of the Lesser Antilles and Brazil, hence the name Brazilian Walnut. Though it has similar dark tones, like the American Walnut, the Brazilian Walnut is far more durable and stronger compared to its American version and resists moulds and insects too.

Walnut wood flooring has emerged as a popular choice among home and office owners because of the following advantages and disadvantages it offers:
Among its many advantages, the ones worth mention are:
• The beauty and warmth of walnut floors is definitely a factor, and the rich grainy design and the dark colours add to the beauty.
• Walnut flooring us suitable for your traditional or modern homes, depending though on the furniture you choose.
• If you are worried about the environmental effects of Walnut, you can be sure that walnut wood flooring comes from renewable sources and hence does not harm the environment.
• If you are planning your home renovation or if you are planning to install new floors in your new home, walnut floors offer a cost effective option.
• Walnut wood, both the American and the Brazilian variants, as a flooring option is durable and can ward off moisture.
• The natural and dark colour of the walnut wood is a great camouflage for any kind of dents or scratches.

With these clear advantages, choosing walnut wood flooring maybe an options for your family home. Find out more and visit our solid wood flooring guide.

Walnut Wood Flooring

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