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Bolefloor Wood Flooring

Bolefloor Wood Flooring

Apart from the existing wood floor products like, engineered floors, solid wood floors, parquet hardwood flooring and reclaimed flooring, there is a new concept that we have in store for you called Bolefloor. It is a new concept in hardwood flooring that has been initialised by us. In this kind of flooring, the tress’s natural growth, reflected in the natural curved lengths. It is an excellent option especially because, this uses the natural growth potential of the tree and results in less waste per forest and more floors so to speak.

If you want a different and unique pattern in each of your rooms, the Bolefloor concept popularised by us will help you a great deal. The reason why Bolefloor is unique and different because the curved length flooring derived from the trees is as unique as the trees themselves. No two trees will have the same curved pattern and hence the floorboards are also unlike each other. It depends on you, where is it that you want the Bolefloor to be used. Available as solid or engineered board, this flooring depends on the condition and environment where they are to be used. This flooring option can be bevelled, unbevelled or both, going by your wishes.

Solid wood floors are available in two thicknesses to cater to your needs like 21 and 13 mm. The multilayer engineered in these floors can be 18 or 15 mm. The Bolefloor floorboards can be up to 3000mm in length and can vary between 150-300 mm in width. If you are eager to place special order, such can be arranged for about 6000mm in length and 450 mm in width. Compared to the run of the mill flooring options available, it will be welcome relief to experience something as diverse as Bolefloor decorating the floors of your house. The combination of patterns and species suits just about any ambience.

Available in varieties of oak, maple, ash, cherry and walnut, the new concept in wood flooring, conceptualised by us, is a great option if you want to surprise your friends and family. Break away from the conventional options and give Bolefloor a try. It is not too radical, neither is it too mundane. This flooring option can also be given the aged or distressed look, or any other look you desire. Bolefloor has the option of being able to be lightly sanded and the board can be finished on site, which more varieties of colours and finishes according to the wishes of the customer. Bring this exclusive style home, to bring exclusivity to your house.

Engineered Wood Flooring - Raymond Peters

Engineered Wood Flooring – Raymond Peters