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Bolefloor Wood For Floors As Unique As You

Bolefloor for floors as unique as you

With hardwood flooring, if you want to try out a new concept, Bolefloor wood may just be your thing. Raymond Peters is privileged and proud to be associated with something like Bolefloor. For people who are not aware of Bolefloor, it needs to be said that, it is a kind of hardwood flooring which comes in the distinct curved length of a tree’s natural growth. It is also an eco friendly method of flooring as it makes sure that the tree’s natural growth is utilised and this in turn leads to less wastage and it has been seen that more floors can be created per forest.

Since the Bolefloor is sourced from different trees, it can be said that the floors are as unique as the trees themselves. When you opt for Bolefloor, you want to choose a different kind of flooring pattern and design for each of your rooms. The distinct floors add a touch of class and panache to your home or office. The room decides which kind of flooring option you will use with Bolefloor, i.e. either solid hardwood floors or engineered hardwood floors. Bolefloor wood is available in both the varieties. If you want the floor can either be bevelled or left unbevelled.

If you choose solid hardwood Bolefloor, it can be available in thicknesses of 21 mm and 13 mm. The multilayered engineered Bolefloor is available in thicknesses of 18 mm and 15 mm. Floorboards, however, can go up to 3000 mm long and 150 mm to 300 mm wide, because of the natural variation. If you place a special order, your Bolefloor can be 6000 mm long and 450 mm wide. When you think of doing up your rooms in Bolefloor, you have enough choice to substantiate your reasons. Since Bolefloors are available in oak, maple, cherry, or ash species and can be selected from a wide variety of ranges, it becomes easy to decide on the type of pattern or design you want for your Bolefloor.

The Bolefloor wood you want for your floor can have a distressed or aged look too. Bolefloor is also flexible as a flooring option because it comes in the form of an unfinished board and it can also be sanded lightly and if the customer wants then the finishing touches can be administered on-site thus resulting in a wide variety for the customer to choose from. If, however, you want pre-finished floors, that too can be made available to you. As a unique trend, your home can become a trendsetter with the help of Bolefloors.

Bolefloor Wood

Bolefloor Wood