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Engineered Flooring Maintenance

Engineered Flooring Maintenance. Restore it’s true beauty and maintain it’s look.

Apart from being available in a variety of hardwood designs, engineered floors are also popular because of their pre-finished nature in either oil or wax. They can also be lacquered to give you a matte finish or a satin finish, depending on what you want. Composed of multiple layers, engineered floors are cross layered and machine pressed or bonded with adhesives. Maintaining engineered floors is easy if you know what to do. With a little information, caring for engineered floors is a simple one, two and three. There are other reasons why engineered floors are gaining momentum nowadays.

Firstly, most engineered floors come coated with polyurethane and this is what makes this flooring a low maintenance option. Secondly, engineered wooden floors look like other kinds of hardwood floors but are not as exorbitantly priced. The proper cleaning regimen that you need to follow is pretty easy. The engineered floors, like most floors need regular cleaning by means of a vacuum cleaner. This is essential because it removes any residual dirt that is present on the surface of the floor so that the surface does not get scratched. However, the beater brush attachment should be avoided for this floor.

When you install engineered floors from Raymond Peters, you should know that a dust mop and a sponge mop that is damp are the two tools that you should be making yourself acquainted with. Water is a strict no no for engineered floors; instead you should use a damp mop to clean engineered floors. When using cleaning products it is better to read the label before you start using random products on your engineered floors. A product that can be used on polyurethane surfaces is the right one for your precious engineered floors. Since engineered floors are composed of multiple layers, during winter, using a humidifier is a safe option to protect against gaps and cracks.

Since cleaning is a primary part of preserving the sheen and look of engineered floors, it is important to take care of mopping only in the direction of the grain of the wood. The reason why this is recommended is because it will help any water marks to evaporate quickly and give your engineered floors a professional clean up look. The practice of keeping a dry piece of cloth handy always helps in case of spills. If you are having a party at home and a guest accidentally spills beverage on your engineered floor, quickly clean it with a piece of cloth to secure the longevity of your floors.

Engineered Wood Flooring Maintenance

Engineered Wood Flooring Maintenance