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Engineered Wood Flooring in London

Are you looking for an Engineered Wood Flooring company London

When it comes to engineered wood flooring in London, they are a fresh twist to wood floors. If you want to break the monotony and want to introduce something new in the aspect of the flooring of your house, this is the option you should look out for. Engineered wood floors are fast becoming the choice of most house owners because of the strength and durability they offer. Compared to solid floors, they are better suited to the changing heat and moisture content in the atmosphere all around us. Engineered wood flooring does not expand or contract as much as a solid wood floor because, when they are prepared, they are made by putting together wood that has multiple layers and is bound with one another using adhesives.

Various timbers and designs

With us at Raymond Peters, engineered floors are available in any design and any species. Be it plank or parquet flooring, we provide you options like the various kinds of designs as in a herringbone or chevron or basket weave. As the customer, with us, you have the ultimate say about choosing the right kind of finish for your engineered wood floor. Be it a satin finish or a matte finish, we understand how much these little choices affect the look and feel of your house. Be it the European variety of engineered floors we offer or otherwise, we cater to the customers’ choices as much as possible. There are engineered floors which come in widths of 100mm and can go up to 350 mm. The thickness can also vary from 14.5 mm to about 22 mm.

We not only provide you with the vital information about engineered wood flooring, we also make it a point to install the same in our patrons’ houses. Sometimes in engineered floor boards, the latter can be made up of oak. In that case, the width of the boards can fluctuate between 200 mm and 450 mm. The slow growing variant of European oak is the chosen one in this case because of the stability it offers. We offer not only the right kind of engineered floor for you but also ensure that you get it in your preference. It can come unfinished, and it can also come pre-finished. When you opt for the pre-finished version, you can choose it in either lacquered, wax or oil.

The versatility of using engineered wood flooring is another factor which can affect your decision regarding the installation of the same. Be it commercial or residential purpose, this kind of flooring option will always win its followers over. Moreover the properties such as thermal insulation also influence the decision of homeowners. Since they are less likely to succumb to heat and moisture content in the atmosphere, they can be used be in conjunction with heating systems which are used under the floor. There is not a speck of doubt why it has emerged to be the new choice.

Engineered Wood Flooring  - Raymond Peters

Engineered Wood Flooring – Raymond Peters