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Environment gives a nod to Hardwood Flooring – London

Environment gives a nod to Hardwood Flooring – London

When it comes to furnishings and floorings, we are mostly drawn by what we see in the movies or television. Trying to emulate that decor, we are sometimes caught by the exotic bamboo flooring, the Iroko flooring, wenge or jatoba, or bamboo hardwood floors. Some misconceptions and ill informed notions still exist when it comes to wood flooring. This half baked information sometimes also clouds our judgement when it comes to choosing the type of wood flooring we would like to show off in our houses. At Raymond Peters, we are eager to bust those myths about wood flooring. Though we are based in London and Essex, travelling to you our customers is always welcomed by us.

We have  been in this business for some time and we would like to open your eyes to the indelible beauty and immense possibility of improving your dream house with wood flooring. Apart from being the talking point, wood floors also come with some inherent advantages. The list is topped by the environmental benefits posed by them. Wood flooring has its environmental benefits because it is a renewable resource. Decorate your house guilt free, when you know that your affinity for wood floors will not have any adverse effect on the environment. Due to sustainable forest management, it is easy to harvest wood for your floors. As someone who advocates the use of wood floors, we will help you select the type that suits the ambience of your home.

Wood floors are also said to be good for the indoor air quality and since they can last for hundreds of years, you do not have the constant need to spend your money on replacing it like any other option for flooring. Wood is also known as a product which is carbon neutral and has the ability to store carbon in its service tenure. They are also rampant in usage as they use less water, and energy to be produced. Wood can also be used after it has expired its service life, as fuel to be burned, or can also be recycled. If you need all these benefits from your wood floors too, we will be able to give you more information about the range of all exotic hardwood flooring options like Iroko, wenge, jatoba and bamboo.

As a hardwood floor aficionado, if you want your floors to be outstanding in every way, get in contact with us. Not only do we have an environmental policy for your flooring options, we also provide products like oils and lacquers, thus securing the sheen of your hardwood floors like new. To give your house that exotic look, we suggest you try us.

Raymond Peters London - Hardwood Flooring

Raymond Peters London – Hardwood Flooring