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Floor Restoration with Sanding and Sealing

Professional Floor Restoration with Sanding and Sealing

Hardwood floors can be either be a thing of beauty if they are maintained properly or an eye sore if you fail to include the wood flooring services of Raymond Peters, to restore your floors, in your regimen. The primary wood flooring service that is offered by them is sanding and sealing. Whether you have solid wooden floors, reclaimed floors or parquet floors, sanding and sealing can protect and save your floors from further destruction. To have floors looking just as new, sanding and sealing is the best way out. At home or in your office, this process of wood flooring service restores your floors so that they can keep looking gorgeous in spite of all the wear and tear they handle every day.

Machines like Bona belt and edging are used in sanding and sealing. Grit papers are also used initially. Major damages or scratches and dents can be removed with the help of these grit papers and will also give your floors a flat surface. The course abrasives might produce some sanding marks, and to remove these marks the abrasives might be changed to finer grits. The grits that are used to smoothen the edges and the surface of the floor should be the same, otherwise there might be a visible mark left behind after the professional applies the finishing touches.

A paste is formed with the mixture of resin and the dust that is created and accumulated by the grit abrasives. To fill up any gaps this mixture or paste is applied on the floor. When this dries it is sanded. The final sanding procedure is done with the help of buffing machines which have been fitted with abrasive screens. This ensures that the final sanding leaves behind a smooth surface. A hand-held sander like a Festool Rotex is used for the edges to give a smooth finish to the difficult to reach areas. Now that the floors have been smoothened and you have filled up any gaps that might have existed, you would want your floors to give out sheen.

To give the floors the much needed sheen, they can be stained and then given natural oils, lacquer or hard wood oils finish, depending on the type of floors you have. When lacquers are used it is better to opt for a period of gap between the application of the prime coat and the finishing coats. With the help of a black buffing pad or the Bona scrad system, you can ensure that any grain which might have been caught in the crevices can be pulled out. But when applying oils, this step can be overlooked. But if your heart is set on giving your floors a higher shine, then finally dry buffing the floors with a red or white pad might be necessary.

Sanding and Sealing

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