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How to maintain Parquet wood flooring?

How to maintain Parquet wood flooring?

When you put together pieces of hardwood in batten or to create a mosaic of delicate shapes and patterns, what you get is the parquet wood flooring finish. Geometric designs can also be made with this kind of practice. This kind of abstract or patterned flooring is not only very beautiful to look at but also very easy to maintain. Made with pieces of wood, arranged in such a manner so as to bring out these intricate patterns, the parquet wood flooring option is fashionable for your house if you are into designs such as basket weave, herringbone or brick style. If you are into designing your own flooring pattern, you can do that too with the parquet flooring option.

The different species and colour combinations and co-ordination will dazzle you with brilliant results. Different species of wood like oak, walnut and teak etc, can be used in this regard. Because of the abstract and geometric designs that can be created, the parquet flooring option gives your home a very unique look and feel. There are certain rules to follow when it comes to upholding the aspect of beauty of parquet flooring. Some simple rules can give a fresh lease of life to your parquet flooring, and for that all you need are some common things like, a vacuum cleaner, a sponge mop, a broom and parquet floor cleaners.

To get squeaky clean parquet floors, it is suggested that you first vacuum the floor to get rid of any dirt or sand. But you should be careful with the attachment you use, of the vacuum cleaner. If the cleaner does not have a setting for hard floor, it is advised that you use some other cleaner which comes with a softer attachment. Next you should use a broom to get rid of the small particles of dirt. These particles, if not removed, will get stuck in the mop and scratch the surface of your parquet floor. After these two steps are complete, a slightly damp mop can be used to wipe the floor. In this regard, you must pay attention to the most important factor, and that is, you should use as little water as you can.

When you are cleaning the parquet floor regularly, you can use only water, but if a lot of dirt has accumulated, you have to use special parquet floor cleaners. After using the cleaners, rinsing with water is recommended. To ensure the longevity of your parquet floors, you should make sure that the floor cleaner you use should be specially formulated for parquet floors. You can also use rugs to protect certain parts of the floor from heavy footfall. We at Raymond Peters understand that if you wish to get the floors done in parquet, you might have many questions and doubts in your mind. That is where we step in. Be it the pattern or species of the floor, we are here to put all doubts to rest.


Parquet Wood Floor - West London - Raymond Peters

Parquet Wood Floor – West London – Raymond Peters