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Natural Solid Wood Flooring

Natural Solid Wood Flooring For Your Home.

When you think of natural solid wood flooring, we automatically take into consideration the aesthetics and authenticity. Natural solid wood flooring is probably the most primitive yet the most sought after wood flooring option for many. But the question remains, in an age where people love to experiment with the look of their homes and offices and want to recreate new looks using new materials and new designs, why would they still be interested in a natural solid wood floor?

Solid wood floors also give your home or office a look of opulence. To say that solid wood floors last is an understatement. When you have a floor made with a single and continuous piece of wood, without any layers or interruptions in them denotes that it will be long lasting. The term ‘long-lasting’ however takes on a completely different meaning with naturally solid wood floors, with some of them lasting as long as hundreds of years. Since they can be also be sanded and sealed, solid wood floors have a tendency to last a lifetime, both literally and figuratively.

With natural solid wood flooring you will often see that they can be given the look you want and for each and every room, this look can be changed. Often the look of solid wood floors is given a distressed or aged look with the help of texturising. This is very effective if you have an old home and want to revamp the interiors, but it does not mean that any contemporary home or office cannot pull off the aged look of textured solid floors. Solid wood floors are generally found in the unfinished or prefinished genres.

And since they are unfinished, you are free to contribute with your own creative inputs, thereby giving you the power to choose the colour or the finish that would be most suitable to your aesthetics and decor.

To sum up the reasons why solid wood floors have found a steady following are, solid wood floors last longer, look beautiful , can incorporate almost any decor and they are a healthier option compared to carpet floors. While you might think that changing the carpet every now and then gives you a whole new room, look wise, but these carpeted floors are also the breeding grounds of germs and dust mites, which make them an unsuitable choice if you have an aged person or a child at home.

Natural solid wood flooring comes with all these advantages, there is no reason why you should consider anything else.

Natural Solid Wood Flooring