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Real Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Real Reclaimed Wood Flooring. Old Floor Boards Installed and Treated

The two most often used words, when it comes to caring for the environment are recycling and reusing. For your homes and offices too, these two words can hold a lot of value. Reusing what we have or what Nature has given us or recycling those elements is what helps us to sustain the environment. If you want beautiful floors for your home without exploiting the environment, you should consider real reclaimed wood flooring.

We does Reclaimed Wood Flooring come from?

Generally, reclaimed wood is sourced from in and around London and the counties surrounding it. They could have been used anywhere from schools, factories or warehouses and after they have been demolished or the building done away with, the wooden floors are used as reclaimed wood. Generally it is seen that the new buildings or residential projects that take up the place of these old factories, warehouses or schools, re-use this wood.

More and more people are favouring real reclaimed wood floors to other varieties of wooden floors because of their durability and longevity. Reclaimed wood floors, allow you to have all you need from your floors, beauty, longevity and durability. Since people are more open now to the idea of re-using wooden floors, the availability of reclaimed wood has also seen its effect. The different varieties of wood which are available as reclaimed wood are French and English Oak, Victorian pine, Columbian pine etc. If you are more inclined to use exotic wood in your homes or offices as reclaimed flooring, they are available in a variety of timbers.

Advantages of Real Reclaimed Wood Flooring

The one advantage that makes reclaimed wood so suitable f is the fact that through proper restoration techniques, it can make a great impression on anyone and particularly on someone who does have the faintest idea that it is wood that has been reclaimed from another source. The different sources of the wood make the wood individual and unique, which means that your rooms get an individual flavour and stands out.

Real Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Real Reclaimed Wood Flooring