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Reclaimed Parquet Wood Flooring I Raymond Peters

Outstanding Wood Flooring Results. Installing Reclaimed Parquet Wood Flooring

If you are fond of geometric, floral or abstract patterns and designs created by contrasting these pieces of wood, you must be fond of reclaimed parquet wood flooring. Parquet flooring looks good of course and when the hardwood battens are arranged into mosaics, they can create winning looks for both your office and home. If you want to install parquet floors in your office or home, you can always trust Raymond Peters to do it for you. But if you want to do it yourself, here are a few simple steps that can help you do the needful. The process of installing parquet floors can be divided into two steps – preparing the subfloor and installing the flooring.

To start with the first step, you should prepare the subfloor by cleaning it of any remnants of wax, oil or sealants and adhesives. The next step deals with levelling the subfloor using tools such as a sander. Any high area can be sanded using this tool and similarly any low area can be levelled with cement compound. The subfloor is levelled so that the parquet flooring, when installed, is level too. The loose areas of the subfloor and the damaged areas of the subfloor are tightened and smoothened respectively. The second stage of the installation procedure deals with installing the parquet flooring. The first step of this process deals with marking off the centre of each wall.

Once you mark off the centre, you can conveniently draw lines to connect the opposite walls. Next you need to lay down the parquet panels, starting from the point in the centre and going towards the walls that are along the lines. The subfloor is the area where you need to apply the adhesive, because the first panel needs to be stuck here along the lines drawn by chalk. About 8 panels need to be stuck on either side of the first panel. Having aligned the floors, you need to repeat the entire process of applying the adhesive and laying down the parquet panels for all but the last row.

For the last row, you need to measure and cut the parquet panels using a jigsaw. Once the installation is done, you need to set the flooring down with the help of a floor roller. A few simple steps and you have a reclaimed parquet floor of your own in your home or office.

Reclaimed Parquet Wood Flooring London

Reclaimed Parquet Wood Flooring