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Professionally Refinishing Hardwood Floors

To achieve superior results when refinishing hardwood floors, begin with determining the type of floor finishing project you want. Some reasons for a finishing project are if you’re interested in changing the colour, or replacing an area where the finish is worn down completely, such as in the high-traffic areas. Some floors may only need to be sanded and recoated, depending on the situation. There are many details that must be addressed before beginning a hardwood floor refinishing project.

After years of use, and often of abuse, hardwood floors can show their age, and numerous flaws. Slats may be damaged or bowed, requiring special attention and skill to repair them and make them look impeccable once again. There may be wax build-up that must be removed before going forward with the project.

Before your hardwood floor professional begins working, the room must be completely cleared of all items, including the quarter and base moldings around the perimeter of the room, so you do not interfere with any of the crucial steps. A professional will address any creaking issues, recess all nail heads into the floor for a smooth finish, replace damaged wood slats, clean and treat the room impeccably to avoid dust particles settling in the new finish, stain the wood (if there is to be a colour change), and finally, apply the finish.

In this do-it-yourself world, many believe they can tackle such a project on their own, without really assessing their own skill level, but this is a very difficult and challenging project, far beyond the reach of most homeowners. A seamless finish can only come from an experienced, skilled worker, who understands that even the tiniest flaw will have a negative impact on the overall project, as it can be unforgiving work.

The investment to professionally refinish your hardwood floors will beautify a room like no other home improvement project, and will bring you a great return on that investment when you decide to sell your home. A glassy smooth finish that provides a mirror-like reflection is only possible when the job is done properly, from the initial step to the final topcoat, nothing less is expected.

Refinishing Hardwood Flooring

by Raymond Peters Wood Flooring Experts