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Restoring Hardwood Flooring I London

Restoring Hardwood Flooring I London

The preservation of any asset is important for continual usage. The same goes for floor boards and hardwood flooring options. The look and durability of hardwood floor depend, to a large extent on maintenance. Apart from giving your house that much need warmth and character and beauty, we at Raymond Peters understand that they also add to the ambience and decor of a room in particular, and your  house in general. If you are looking for reselling benefits, you would draw a better profit from a house with wood flooring. It is a common misconception that wood flooring cost more than other options. But it is in fact affordable and can last for years, thus justifying your initial investment.

With just minimal sweeping and vacuuming, you can hold the sheen of your hardwood floors. Other products are also provided by us which can help you to maintain your hardwood floor. Since they do not attract as much dust as other options, like carpets they are healthier for you and your family. But, even after resorting to such maintenance methods, if there is a need for you to restore the hardwood floor, we can help you with that too. The restoration services offered by us are, sanding, repairs, gap filling, oiling, staining, and lacquering. We are known for our ability to merge the traditional methods with the latest equipment to give you the effect you want.

The process called sanding and sealing is commonly used by us to restore hardwood floors. Our customers are commercial project developers, house owners and business houses who look forward to our services to make their worn out hardwood floors appear as good as new. We understand how important it is for you to get that new look infused into your old floorboards. Large Bona sanding machines are used for this process, in conjunction with other products and methods. To begin the process, coarse grit papers are also used for this purpose. This removes damages, scratches and dents and gives the surface a flat relief. Eventually, finer grits are used to remove the marks left behind by coarser abrasives.

The finer grit abrasives produce dust that is mixed with resin and this paste when spread on the flat surface, is able to fill in the gaps. When dry, this surface is buffed with machines that have fine abrasive screens. The edges are smoothened with a hand-held rotary sander like Festool Rotex. To top it all, for a better sheen, we prefer to use natural oils and wax oils or lacquer. This when finished with a dry buffing would be able to produce that polish you were looking for. So, whatever it is, renovation or restoration, we are eager to help you, so that getting the floors of your house done doesn’t leave you with a slippery result.