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Sanding and Sealing

Full Sanding and Sealing Restoration Services from Start to Finish

Almost every type of wooden floor can benefit from sanding and sealing, a process which rejuvenates its appearance and condition, leaving a finish which is gleaming new. Our restoration services are very popular with homeowners looking to restore their floor to its original quality, as well as with businesses, where wooden floors are subjected to considerable wear-and-tear over time as staff come and go. Some business operations inflict more stress on the structure of their buildings, but in all customer-facing sectors it is necessary to endow visitors’ enduring impression of your building with a polished sheen.

How we Bring your Wood Floor Back to Life

The sanding and sealing process involves the use of large Bona belt machines and edging machines. To start, we select coarse grit papers, which are used to remove any major damage, scratches and dents and also to produce a flat surface. We then transition to progressively finer grits to remove the sanding marks produced by the coarse abrasives. It is important to sand right to the edges of the floor with every stage of abrasive used, otherwise you might end up with a visible line around the perimeter when the finishes are applied. If you hire an inexperienced worker, there is a danger they will not complete the process properly. It always pays to hire a professional.

We mix the dust created by the finer grit abrasives with a resin, to form a paste. This is spread over the entire floor surface, filling any gaps and creating a protective layer. When the resin dries, we sand it carefully. As a final sand, we use special buffing machines fitted with very fine abrasive screens, which yield a finish smoother than George Clooney’s smile. We round off the edges using a hand-held rotary sander, such as a Festool Rotex.

The floor can then be stained, if desired. Finally, we create a durable, polished finish with natural oils, hard wax oils, or a lacquer. Let us know in advance if lacquers are required, as it is advisable to sand gently between the prime coat and the two finishing coats. This will knock back any raised grain caused by applying acrylic products. This intermediate sand is done by way of the Bona scrad system, or alternatively a black buffing pad.

Application of oils alone would not necessitate this procedure, but we do perform a final dry buffing with a soft white or red pad if required: a final buff produces a brighter shine.

Full Restoration Services

Our restoration services includes board replacements, floor sanding, floor repairs, filling gaps, oiling, staining, lacquering and protecting. We use traditional methods with the latest professional equipment to help restore the look of your hardwood floor.

Why Choose Raymond Peters

We have completed a wide spectrum of flooring projects for both domestic and commercial purposes. Our contractors are extremely experienced within the industry and have developed their expertise through diverse projects: restaurants, schools, shopping centres, home interiors and churches. Our company reputation is one of flexibility, and responsiveness to all your needs and expectations.

We’re never floored by a demand, but we’ll bring new life to yours.

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