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Sanding and Sealing Wooden Floors – Raymond Peters

Sanding and Sealing Wooden Floors – Raymond Peters

When you have already made up your mind about selecting solid wood floors for your house, you must remember that without proper restoration techniques, the solid wood floor that you so love will appear drab and unappealing. What is considered to be the beauty of nature in your rooms will be lost. A proper regimen needs to be followed to make the solid wood floors appear as good as new.  This is where Raymond Peters step in. We have a comprehensive wood restoration service which includes sanding and sealing too. As solid wood floors are naturally beautiful and keep the house warm, they have created a niche audience for themselves. This niche audience would not be comfortable seeing tiny cracks and scratches develop on this genre of flooring.

Not only with solid wood floors, this restoration technique, can be carried out on any flooring option like, floorboards too. With home owners and businesses alike, sanding and sealing their floors is a viable option as it ensures that the floors and look beautiful and last longer. Using Bona belt machines and edging machines, this can be achieved. To start with the procedure, grit papers which are coarse are used. These papers remove damages and dent and give the much needed flat surface. These coarse papers are replaced with fine grit papers, which again help to remove sanding marks left behind by the coarse materials. The edges also need to be restored in the same manner.

The dust that is accumulated after using the fine coarse material is mixed with resin. This paste is smeared on the surface to fill up nay gaps. When the paste dries, it is sanded and buffing machines are used to buffer the surface and make it smoother. Using a rotary sander like, Festool Rotex is also recommended for the edges. The surface after completing all this is coated with either natural oils or wax oils. In some cases, a lacquer can also be used on the surface. The oils and wax applied need a final buffering done by a white or sometimes a red pad to give you the sheen you always wanted for your floors.

Installing solid wood floors is not the only way of making your house look like a million dollars. You need a good contractor or you must have the patience of taking care of it so that it becomes the centre of attention and the talking point.


Sanding and Sealing - Tower Bridge

Sanding and Sealing – Tower Bridge