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Solid Wooden Floors add a touch of affluence to your home decor

Professional Solid Wooden Floors by Raymond Peters Hardwood Flooring

The concept of wooden flooring is incomplete without solid wooden floors. Wooden flooring is synonymous with solid floors and when you see the range and variety at Raymond Peters, you will agree that it is never too late to do up your home or office in solid wooden floors. The name itself points to the solid floors which refer to the solid wooden battens or planks which are used to add the feel of a different era to your house. You have to agree that there is something royal and genteel about solid wooden floors. It speaks of a rare combination of aristocracy and everyday beauty. A combination successfully achieved by Raymond Peters.

The solid planks or battens available with them can come in lengths like 400mm to 3 meters and can be as wide as 100mm to 250mm. If you want them micro bevelled, they will be done so and if you want the edges squared that can be done too. The finish of the solid wooden floor also depends on you, whether you want them lacquered with a satin smooth or a matt finish, in wax or in oil, you call the shots completely. The texture of the wood can be changed so as to make it look a little antique or distressed.

The appearance this solid wood gets will in turn change the appearance of your home or office, wherever you want them installed. Now that you have the desired effect on the solid wood, it can be teamed up with any kind of interior decoration and furniture arrangement, be it vintage or modern. Solid wooden flooring would compliment both. Not only the run-of-the-mill solid wooden floors; you can also try out a new development called Junctures. Supplying and installing Junctures is also a hassle free procedure like solid wooden floors. It is a typical wooden flooring option which can be fixed up as an example of a structural floor or it can also be clipped using a clipping system.

Used primarily as a sports floor or a sprung floor, Junctures have another reason to be a popular choice. If your home or office has a provision of under the floor heating, Junctures can be used easily in this case. It is practically the only variant of solid wooden floors that has this advantage. Solid wooden floors at Raymond Peters are available in variants like Black American Walnut or the European Oak, which is the slow grown variety. Supplying and installing this floor type is also easy and all it takes is a quick nod from you if you want to give your home or office a sign of affluence which oozes out of solid wooden floors.

Solid Wooden Floors - London

Solid Wooden Floors – London