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Wood Floor Restoration Projects

Wood Floor Restoration Projects

When solid wood floors are installed, they come with the responsibility to maintain. But considering you maintain your solid wood floors regularly with routine cleaning and vacuuming, maintaining them and ensuring their longevity and durability should not be a problem.

One other option that you have in maintaining solid wood floors is to adopt our wood floor restoration work and to professionally sand and seal your wooden floor

Not only solid wood floors, but if you have wooden floorboards, you can take the help of experts to get the restoration done. We highly advise the work is carried out done by a professional outfit who know exactly what they are doing.

Sanding and sealing is popular with homeowners to help restore the natural beauty. Have your wooden floors received a lot of wear and tear you would want to restore and make it look as good as new? Or if your floors however, have been covered until now with carpets/linoleum, then they would not need a heaving sanding. In this case, a heavy sanding can ruin the smooth surface of your floor, and the only recommended restoration technique is light sanding or polish, which is enough to remove the dirt that has been trapped or if the floor has developed minor scratches. No aspect of floor sanding or sealing should however ruin the character that your floor.

Bona Belt Machines

Our machines which have to be used in sanding and sealing projects over the years are the Bona belt machines, edging machines and the hand-held rotary sander. Since sanding and sealing process involves some dust, you may decide to vacate the house for a brief time while we take over and restore your floors. This goes particularly for people who suffer from dust allergies which can be aggravated in this condition.

Both edging and belt machines are used in the sanding and sealing process, however, coarse grit papers are also useful in removing any kind of damages, dents or scratches and give a smooth surface finish.

Sanding and Sealing

Raymond on the Bona Machine