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Wood Flooring Products


We have a wide range of wood flooring products available, broadly fitting into the following categories:


Solid hardwood floors are very traditional and popular. The most common species of wood are Oak, Beech, Maple and Ash Cherry. This is made up from 100% wood thickness. Hardwood floor boards range from long expansive boards to small individual battens, which are used in parquet designs.


Engineered floors comprises of several wood layers stuck together using high pressures. This particular type of structured flooring boasts higher strength and durability with minimal seasonal movement. Also this is very popular for use with under floor heating systems.


Our reclaimed flooring is salvaged from a wide variety of sources salvaged from industrial buildings, mills and school halls throughout the UK. This is an environmentally friendly choice and can give you an instant solution for creating a floor full of character and appeal.


A traditional and exclusive design originating in France towards the end of the seventeenth century, created using individual blocks, inlays, and borders. Parquet designs are also available in engineered flooring panels.

Whichever wood flooring products you require we will be able to supply and install for you. If you’re not sure which products are right for you then please call us and we’ll help you to make a decision. Our detailed knowledge of the whole wood flooring products range means that we are able to advise with confidence.