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Parquet Wood Flooring

Exceptional Parquet Wood Flooring

Traditionally parquet is made from various pieces of hardwood battens, or blocks which are arranged into a mosaic to create classic geometrical designs, such as Herringbone, Chevron, Basket weave, brick style and parquet de versallies flooring patterns.

Parquet floors can also be constructed using different contrasting colours of hardwood species such as varying combinations of oak, teak, maple and walnut, together with block borders and inlay feature strips, enabling the client to create their own geometrical floor design. Parquet wood flooring is very unique and can look good in any part of a property and can bring warmth and beauty to your home. Parquet wood flooring is durable and have stood the test over time.

Solid Parquet Battens Available in Various Sizes

Solid parquet blocks & battens are 10, 15 or 20mm thick and available in various sizes from 210mm long – 60mm wide and 350mm long to 70mm wide.
Mosaic panels are 480 x 480mm, 7.5mm thick, mesh backed, unfinished. Engineered & Chevron blocks are made to order in sizes upwards of 100mm wide – 400mm long. Thickness can range from 16 or 21mm thick with a 6mm wear layer, square or bevel edged.

Rustic, Nature or Prime Grade Parquet Wood Flooring

The Chevron blocks can be manufactured to any angle and are available in Rustic, Nature or Prime grade. Timber species include English, French & European oak, American black & European walnut, Canadian maple, Merbau, Iroko, wenge and teak. Finishes include thermo baked, smoked, scorched, brushed, distressed, unfinished or with natural, coloured oil’s or lacquers applied.

Parquet wood flooring is available in engineered flooring panels with many intricate designs such as floral and abstract, which are mainly used as a feature installed with another flooring pattern such as herringbone or parquet de versallies. Our blocks and battens come in many different hardwoods as well as the types mentioned, with varying sizes and textures such as fumed, distressed and brushed.

Below you will find images of our projects we have completed or visit our Projects and Feedback page. If you choose to have Parquet wood Flooring in your home, you can be sure that the floor will be completed to the standards you see in the photo’s. For enquires about this type of flooring, we will be happy to help you. Contact us for more information.

Why Choose Raymond Peters

We have completed a variety of flooring projects for both domestic and commercial purposes. Our staff are extremely experienced within the industry and have developed an outstanding expertise in projects ranging from restaurants, schools, churches, shopping centre’s and home interiors. As a company we are proud to have built a reputation based on our determination to be creative and responsive to achieve your expectations.

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