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Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Outsanding Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed wood flooring comes from a number of different sources throughout UK and Europe, and is a highly sought after product which is becoming ever more and more popular. Most of the wood we require comes from warehouses, factories, churches and schools that has been demolished to make way normally for new residential developments and businesses. Many species of reclaimed timber comes from these sites and are often over 100 years but in good enough condition to be use for another 100 years.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring is long lasting and durable, plus has all the charactaristics to add value to your home

Over the past few years the interior fashion demand for reclaimed wood flooring has increased drastically, therefore much depends on availability. Victorian Pine, Pitch Pine & Columbian Pine floorboards and Parquet Blocks, as well as English & French Oak are mostly readily available, as well as timbers such as Iroko, Merbau, Teak and Wenge. If there is a particular species of reclaimed wood flooring you are interested in we would be happy to assist in your enquiry on availability and price.

Wherever you decide to have this flooring, you can be confident that no matter the location, the flooring will look and feel brand new

With Reclaimed flooring being so popular, it becomes more difficult to source for some wood flooring retailers. With Raymond Peters, however, we  are one of the leading companies in London and the South East who can supply and install all types of hardwood reclaimed flooring. These include plank and parquet from this source. We have completed a number of Reclaimed flooring projects, so you can see for yourself the quality that this type of flooring can be once completed.

We work closely with architects and interior designers on projects renovating and installing reclaimed hardwood floors to the highest standard. If you are interested in this type of wood flooring, do not hesitate to contact us.

Why Choose Raymond Peters

We have completed a variety of flooring projects for both domestic and commercial purposes. Our staff are extremely experienced within the industry and have developed an outstanding expertise in projects ranging from restaurants, schools, churches, shopping centre’s and home interiors. As a company we are proud to have built a reputation based on our determination to be creative and responsive to achieve your expectations.