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Wooden Flooring Options – Raymond Peters Fine Wood Flooring

Wooden Flooring Options – Raymond Peters Fine Wood Flooring

A house is the reflection of the family and the people who reside within it. Only enlivening the look and feel of the house with architecture and interior designing, paying attention to only furniture, is not the only option. In fact, most of the time when we redesign or build a house, we pay scant details to the flooring options. At Raymond Peters, it is this divide that we are trying to bridge. When you are thinking of options to do up the floors of your house, a little bit of research can go a long way in deciding the look and feel of your abode. The wood flooring options that you will find available with us are solid floors, engineered floors, reclaimed floors and parquet floors.

When we have chosen solid wood floors as your option, you have to bear in mind that solid floor tends to expand and contract with heat and moisture. While controlling heat and moisture might not be in your hands, you can at least get hold of a good company who will devote enough time and homework in preparing the sub-floor of your house. If the sub-floor is made moisture tight and level, you can enjoy your choice of solid wood floors in your house. Since we provide the solid wood floors finished in oil, lacquered or wax finish, it can be done up in either matte or satin finish. When it is solid wooden flooring that you have installed in your hearth, you do not have to worry about the architecture, since it can be paired with either modern or contemporary architecture.

Engineered for stability and durability, the engineered wood flooring is fast becoming the choice of most house owners. It’s less expensive cost is also sometimes the deciding factor. Unlike solid wooden floor, the engineered floor is made up of layers and a coat of thin veneer on it. This is how the wood is protected against warping. The areas in your house like the basement or the kitchen are especially suitable for this kind of flooring option. They also come in patterns like herringbone and basket weave among others, and can have a matte or satin look as per your choice. The added advantage they offer against solid wood flooring is that they react less to moisture and heat.

We know that wood is not only a natural resource but also a renewable resource. The most common use of its renewability is proven in renewable wooden flooring options. We source our reclaimed flooring wood from places throughout London and the adjoining counties. The wood that has torn down from a dilapidated building or a school hospital, warehouse which is not in use anymore, can be used to change the decor of your house. It has pros like being long lasting and durable, two features which make it an immediate choice. Since all these kinds of wood flooring options are available with us, it is only a matter of choice for you to choose us and revamp your house.


Raymond Peters Fine Wood Flooring - Kensington & Chelsea

Raymond Peters Fine Wood Flooring – Kensington & Chelsea